Monday, September 29, 2008

The Colour Yellow (English)

This is a poem-film & an experimental genre film. It deals with the different layers of consciousness of a poet when he is writing a poem in a Villanelle style.

This film was selected in the Bradford International Film Festival in UK and it was the only Indian short film in the festival.

There was a critical review by Josh Penfold in the online short film website -

The review -

Now usually I don't like experimental films, but I actually really liked this. The cinematography was very good and set it apart from the others, for me, this made the production look a lot slicker and more professional.

It always had a sense of movement, which I think is key to stop it becoming stagnant and instead holds the viewers attention. I loved the use of colour fading from black and white to flecks of yellow, it made me think of the wisp of smoke in the poem. Also the poem was central to the short, just as well it had good foundations to build on because the poem was very good, I liked the ambiguous nature of the piece and how it will mean something to one person and something completely different to another. Over all, the care that went into this short definitely shines out.

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